Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shopping my Personal Closet at Threadflip

Have you heard about Threadflip...
I was asked to join last year and sell my vintage stuff on there website.
So I posted a few things and then added stuff from my personal closet, that is not vintage.
I know, I know, I LOVE Vintage but sometimes I like to wear trendy stuff too.

So I made a few sales off both vintage and stuff from my personal closet.
I even bought a few things like shoes from other peoples closet & everything I have bought was in pretty great condition, some stuff looks like its never been worn.

What a great concept, especially for those 
who buy super nice dresses and then only wear it once.
It's a great idea and super easy!

Even easier if you have an iPhone. 
You can just upload your pictures really quickly with a special app they have for it.
And your pictures don't have to be super fancy, easy like pie.

Any who gals here are a few of the pieces I have listed on 
 THREADFLIP now from my personal closet up for grabs.

Here is my referral code, CLICK HERE to sign up and 
start making easy money of your closet so you can buy more clothes! ;)

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