Friday, August 3, 2012

Before pics of Stella -Vintage Mobile Shop

Here are some before pics of Stella, 13" 1972 Scotty Serro.
She was in great condition when we bought her.
Dawn, the previous owner took good care of her and used her for kayak/fishing trips.
So I knew the tires and lights were in good condition.
Stella has some hail damage on the exterior, but I think it adds to her personality.

We took the old floor off, tore down some old wood, tore out some cabinets.
New paint on the inside, new curtains, new cushions, new lighting, polished the outside up.

I can't tell you how many nails, screws, bolts, wood trims we went through to fix the interior up.
Many runs to Home Depot, our local handyman store and more that Hugo and my dad did.

Several weekends, weeknights. I had to say good bye to a social life for awhile to get her finished.
And let's just say it's hard especially hard to get anything accomplished with a new toddler.

Stella took some blood from us all. Sweat. Bruises. Mosquito bites. Torn up knuckles.
All for the love of Stella.
We have bought her back to life and I can't wait to share the adventures we will have together.

The debut of Stella is tomorrow August 4th at Shine in the Heights, for White Linen Nights.
Here is the event page on Facebook if you are in town this weekend! 

I'll have the after pictures posted hopefully on Sunday! 
Stay tuned :)

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  1. that is SUCH a cool camper, i can't wait to see the pics!


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