Thursday, September 8, 2011

Help TEXAS! All you have to do is shop

The past week has been pretty horrible for Texas!
The past few months we have been in a drought and on Monday wild fires broke out in Central Texas and then another North of Houston.

You step outside and it smells of smoke and the skies are hazy.
Images of smoke can be seen from space.

1300 Homes have been estimated to have burned down, families losing everything they have in a matter of seconds.

images via google

Here's how you can help, spread the word, blog, tweet or Facebook.
Height of Vintage is donating 50% of all sales from Sept 5th to Sept 30th, to Texas Wildfire Relief and The Red Cross.

All you have to do is SHOP at Height of Vintage 
please help spread the word, my lovely Internet friends!
anything helps and can make a difference.
People have lost there homes, belongings, and even some pets.
I can't even imagine what these families are going through and am just praying that it stops soon or for a tremendous amount of rain.

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