Thursday, July 28, 2011

maternity project : week 22 & 23

Week is the length of a spaghetti squash, about 11 inches and almost weighs one pound.
He is starting to look like a miniature newborn :)

Week 23 is the size of a large mango and weighs one pound now.
I know it's pretty weird how it goes from spaghetti squash to mango, but that what baby center says.
I can see him squirm under my clothes as he kicks and punches me.

I am at 25 weeks now going on 26 so I am a bit behind on my project.
I had a bad 24th week, I had a sinus infection, a root canal & slipped off the back porch on to my back, so I was resting & letting my back heal. 
Just soreness but baby is OK and I'm feeling much better.

I have a few maternity projects in the work.
I feel like I've been nesting for the past month. We had our guest bathroom re-done & a custom built in shelf. Next project is to clear out the middle room & paint it for the baby.
I also came across a dresser 2 weeks ago at a thrift store that I got for $24, we are going to paint it white to go with the baby's crib.  We are doing a nautical theme, I'm sooo excited.
I've been stocking up on all things baby :)
Any good suggestions from you mommies out there on what I should add to my list?
I'm almost 6 months and then its 3 months to go till he gets here...time flies!

Go here for past weeks  on my maternity project!

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