Thursday, May 26, 2011

maternity project: Week 14,15 & 16

I've been slacking on my maternity project photos
and since at week 14 I totally wasn't in the mood for photos
I took a picture of Baby Lemon on a tea cup, very proper I think ;)

15 weeks the apple of my eye 

here he is about 4 inches, the actual size of the avocado is about 5 inches, (over estimated when I bought the avocado)
which is the size of the baby at 17 weeks, but I'm at 17 now and will post it next week

....mmmm, I want chips and salsa now!!!


  1. I love this blog =) cute pics...

  2. you're so adorable in those kissing photos! How's your appetite? I remember being starving like every 2 hours!!

  3. Será guapo a rabiar como los padres y vendrá a una familia que lo espera, lo adora y lo compara con mi comida favorita, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Eres un tesoro.

  4. congrats! what a beautiful mama to be!


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