Monday, April 11, 2011

maternity project 8,9,10 weeks

so were having a baby!
so the first trimester is to blame for my lack of blogging and updates...haha but really i'm a total procrastinator.
Ahhh were so excited!

I can't say I came up with this fabulous idea on my own,
but we did want to document this in a special way.
pregnancy and food. well fruits and veggies actually.
i get a weekly email telling me how much the baby has grown.

This maternity project was inspired by reading A Cup Of Jo blog a few weeks ago,
and she shared the fabulous Carolee Beckham pregnancy updates. 
Go check her out, so neat!

here's what we have so far

8 weeks...

so so tiny... can you imagine at 6 weeks it was the size of grain of rice

9 weeks...
we spent some time at the beach this weekend

10 weeks...
interesting thing about kumquats these are hard to come across
 & are a tad more sour then sweet.

Oh and a special thanks to my husband Hugo for taking the photos, even when I'm cranky and sleepy ;)

Were due in November, hope you follow us through this wonderful journey.

My post for the next few weeks will be short or lacking some, as we'll be traveling to London this Thursday and returning April 24th.


  1. you're so cute! thanks for the awesome compliment!

  2. this is fabulous! i wish we had this post to read when i was preggers!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    31summers giveaway

  3. I am constantly amazed by you. The joy that you have given me is immeasurable and unimaginable. I didn’t know it was possible to love someone so much, to miss someone so much... to be so happy.

    I love you.


  4. I had no idea! Congratulations to you and your new family!!!

    xo, Bruklyn

  5. Super cute post! You look amazing too! I'm totally in love with the sunglasses with the pointy rims. I just love your style. Congrats cuzzie!

  6. So excited for the both of you! Enjoy every moment of your flies by! Our baby is the size of a watermelon this week! Besos!

  7. This is look great mama. I cannot wait for the next posting. it's amazing enjoy every step of it.

  8. Im so happy for the both of you, i can not wait to become an aunt again. I love you both, love Nichole.

  9. i'm so happy for you guys....!!
    if its a boy..what about the name...rooney ???
    hmmm?...just a idea ?!

  10. Sooooo, excited for you all momma! You both will be the best parents! Can't wait for meet baby Malo ;)

    luv u both,

  11. This is an adorable idea and you guys did an awesome job with it. Congratulations :).

  12. congrats, so happy for you both, and can't wait to see your upcoming belly pics. awwwwwww!!


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