Thursday, March 3, 2011

new life to old earrings

so i recently acquired a ton of 80s clip on earrings. 
all though they were all fabulous, i cant wear clip ons, they always seem to slip off.
so i thought about giving new life to them and make them into wonderful statement rings.

upcycled rings!
the perfect cocktail ring

the first two are in the SHOP and the rest will be coming tomorrow.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous shell ring! I just discovered your blog off another fashion website!

    I love your style & am now following, follow back? :)

    I have a new post up on Betsey Johnson 2011 swimwear! Swing by & check it out if you can.


  2. There is something absolutely delightfully tacky about that shell one. Maybe mermaid-esq?

  3. Those are so cute! I totally thought the mermaid thing too :)

  4. Pero qué idea más brillante me has dado, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Con el montón de pendientes sueltos que tengo por ahí, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    gracias corazón.

  5. I always see really cool clip ons, but they pinch my ears. This is such a good idea!


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