Monday, March 14, 2011

monday morning blues

sorry for the lack of post the past week.
i've been caught up with the fashion show.
 its this saturday so everything will be back to normal next week, or so i hope ;)

last week i was featured in another etsy fashion newsletter
the open back nautical jumper sold

Here is the flyer for the Spacetaker's Gala fashion show I'm working on with stylist Vico Puentes.

I still have no idea what to wear! HELP!
kind of wanted to do a costume, but not sure what?! any suggestions?


  1. Hey!
    You have such a great blog!
    Love it!

  2. Love your shop. This open back jumper is amazing. Good luck on figuring out what to wear!


  3. Qué bien que te unes a nosotras en esta aventura de pasar amor, a través del mundo en un paquete jejejje.
    Helga hará una lista de todas, ya le mando yo tus datos,y cada una sabrá de qien recibe y a quien envia.
    En el paquete habrá 1.-Un bolso hecho Helga y al que cada uno irá añadiendo algo.y después pasa, más un regalo personal para la siguiente .
    En fin..
    Mil besos.

  4. That jumpsuit is the bomb. It's soooo neat. You should show us your options for Sunday! We can help you pick stuff out. :D


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