Monday, March 28, 2011

currently internet window shopping

evil eye at diamond deer

side cross necklace at so chia boutique

secret love notes at moonandsable

I'm pretty much lovin' all of the above, I need to make a purchase soon...decisions, decisions.

I'll be a vendor at a vintage pop up shop next week and the lovely so chica boutique will also be out there, can't wait to see what else wonderful jewelry she has!

so sorry i've been slacking on blogging....
 have some great news to share,
but not quite ready yet! soon though!


  1. Love the bracelet
    Follow us and we'll follow back. Comment, follow etc.

  2. I am in love with that snake bracelet! Thanks for featuring my necklace :)

  3. I love the whistle necklace! I used to have a tiny little harmonica necklace from the 60s that actually worked and I miss it so much!

    xo, Bruklyn

  4. adore the secret love note necklace! xoxo

    Giveaway over my place:


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