Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Icon Friday: Gilbert Adrian

Well Gilbert Adrian wasn't really an icon 
but he did make a lot of beautiful famous actresses Fashion Icons.
Gilbert was the foremost "celebrity" costume designer in Hollywood.

He worked at MGM film studios, where he designed iconic pieces for film stars.
He also tailored a suit with wide shoulders and strong emphasis on the waist, 
this was called the Coat Hanger Look.
pictures via google

That first dress, WOW!!!

Oh and I have some GREAT NEWS!
I was contacted last night to do a fashion show
 for an art gala called SPACE TAKER GALA in March...
the theme is Horror Films, they are wanting to do a 60s/70s campy theme fashion show.

Have a great weekend sweets =)


  1. Estoy todavía en shock después de ver esa primera foto:..Wowwwwwwwwwwww el sombrero es fabuloso, y eso que yo de sombreros no entiendo mucho, pero me ha encantado. En cuanto a los que do sin palabras...
    Congratulations on your Fashion Show. keep us up to date, won´t you?????
    MIl besos y el mejor de los San Valentines jejejje.

  2. He was an icon! He invented look on the screen, that became trends for years.


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