Monday, February 7, 2011

7 thrifting tips

Hello ladies!
Today while I was out thrifting, it came to my attention that no one really 
discusses how or where they do there thrifting/vintage shopping.

So for those who aren't expert shoppers, here's some of my tips.

1. When shopping for seasons, usually you want to buy a season ahead of the season.
You get great deals and can find amazing stuff. 
Usually you want to do your research and find out what the trends are for that upcoming season.
But even if you find a fantastic vintage piece you can't miss out on, just grab it, you won't be sorry.

2. Go shopping on days that thrift stores have deals. Salvation Army usually is half off on Wednesdays.
Goodwill has specials certain days, and don't forget to check out your local charity shops for the days of the months they have specials. 
Typically most will be at the end or beginning of the month since they are trying to get rid of merchandise.

3. To go on a GOOD Thrifting HUNT, because that's really what it is, a HUNT for hidden treasures.
You typically want to drive out to places outside the city limit, or the not so nicer parts of town.
In my case, I live in the city and all the good thrift stores by my house are over picked and over priced.

4. Don't be scared to get dirty! 
Be sure to bring hand sanitizer with you, because you touch tons of stuff while sifting through racks. 

5. Dress comfortably and don't look to cute. Your walking and standing for long periods.

6. Oh and bring your own bags, I usually bring large recycle-able ones or cloth.

7. Bring cash or check if available, some places,
surprise - surprise don't take credit cards. ( i know where in 2011,whats wrong with these people)

Hope this helps.
Anyone else have any good tips? Please share, I'd love to hear :)


  1. Great tips! I especially love the idea of bringing your own reusable bags, makes sense for grocery shopping so why not thrifting.

    Happy Hunting!

  2. Good tips! I'd also add that you should wear clothes that you can try things on over.

  3. oh yes thats a great tip jenni! totally forgot that one

  4. Hola guapa mía. Very good tips.¿Por qué no te unes a IFB y las pones.
    besos siempreeeeeeeeeeee.

  5. HAND SANITIZER! It never leaves my side :) I'm so glad you posted that. Haha. I'm a reformed germ freak and there's no leaving home without it.


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