Monday, January 31, 2011

Shop update: Spring Shoe Trend

not that's its going to get any warmer, anytime soon, 
but these cute shoes sure get you in the mood for spring
woven loafer
red cross sienna
joan & david brown 

can't believe January is over! 
few more months for the spring weather.
hope you all had a fab weekend. mine was full of art, friends and a few cocktails.
hope someone took some pictures so i can share.
any who, be sure to check out the shop for the shoe update!


  1. These are great! Too bad I have such mammoth feet--I need to start stockpiling some summer shoes!
    I'm so glad the gold purse was such a hit! I hope I get to see a pic. :D

  2. the first shoes are adorable
    love your shop!!

    hope to hear from you*!

  3. that first pair! my god how adorable, nice find.


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