Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Icon Friday: Edith Head

Edith Head was a famous costume designer during The Paramount years.
She designed for many famous actresses, Mae West in She Done Him Wrong, Audrey Hepburn in The Roman Holiday, Funny Face and Sabrina. Grace Kelly,Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and many many more.
Amazingly talented lady.
pics via life and google images

Happy Friday :)


  1. Gah! Look at those amazing glasses!

    Just to let you know--I just gave you an award over at my blog. :D

  2. oh my god she's so wonderful, have never heard of her so thanks for that...the haircut! amazing!

  3. It's amazing how most ICONS designs are still relevant today.

  4. I love her sunnies. Or are they eyeglasses? Maybe both? Lol

    Thanks for commenting on MSC, Vanessa!

  5. Me he perdido todos estos posts. No sé por qué no saltaban tus posts. Quzás tenía demasiados blogs. Bueno ya lo he resuelto.
    Mil besos siempre.............


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