Tuesday, December 28, 2010

after Christmas

This week of Holiday's has got me all out of sorts. 
Hope you all had a great Christmas and wishing you all the Best in 2011.

My Christmas consisted of Cuban food, Mexican food, family time, games, running from house to house
 and some relaxation.

oh and this was one of my Christmas gifts that my husband got me.
vintage coat. i love!


  1. What a beautiful coat! Sounds like you had a pretty sweet Christmas--especially the Mexican food. :D

  2. Your husband goes shopping for vintage...I'm impressed :)

    It looks lovely.

  3. melissa, yes and he picked this one all out himself...he's like not that you need another coat,but i couldn't pass it up. i trained him well. lol

  4. you look gorgeous! Such a beautiful Christmas gift! xo

  5. Estás guapa a rabiara, como siempre...¿de qué me sorprendo??????
    Feliz navidad, con retraso y un maravilloso 2011, que espero compartir contigo.
    He tenido a mis niñas aquí y muy felices todos juntos.
    Mil abrazos y besos siempre.

  6. such an amazing coat!
    you look lovely darling:)


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