Friday, October 8, 2010

shorts all year round

That's me in San Francisco last weekend. I adore this owl building. 
I don't remember what street this was on though.

Wearing: vintage ruffle top, vintage purse, vintage mens blazer, vintage oxfords, 
maroon tights from h&m, denim shorts from f21, yellow scarf.

I'm not really a skirt lady, but I love me some shorts. 
You can wear them all year round, really. In the fall and winter I love layering shorts with tights or leggings.
When its really cold, I usually wear 2 pairs of tights, maybe a solid color as the bottom layer and fun pattern on the top layer.

Still not to cold in Texas to wear too many layers, but soon I hope.
Hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend.


  1. I believe you're on Larkin near Civic center. I hope you had fun, and made it to Painted Bird :)

  2. i love, love, love your outfit! we definitely need to go shopping together soon. ♥

  3. You have the body for it, so flaunt it...
    Lovely photo by the owl buiging.
    Un abrazo fuerte.
    Ya en cas después de la operación. Casi no me puedo creer que todo haya pasado.

  4. love the colors in this ensemble and esp the maroon tights.


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