Monday, October 25, 2010

Mommy Dearest

Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest

This was my first costume for the Halloween parties! 
In all mostly females got this costume, but it was still easy and fun to do.

Have a great one for next weekend. 
I'll have that up next week.

My husband and two other friends dressed up as the Robert Palmer girls, they were a hit!

I love Halloween! 
What costumes do you have planned for Halloween?
Be sure to checkout Etsy for some easy costume ideas.

Oh and I discovered a new blog, check out my friend Vega's blog, be sure to add it to your daily reads.


  1. Aquí ya sabes que halloween es algo nuevo y más bien para niños y bajo influencia de las películas americas. ya veo que realmente os lo tomáis en serio.
    Diviértete y hazte fotos.
    Mil besos.
    I was in a Spanish writing mood he, he

  2. Awesome idea for a costume!! You did such a good job, and I'm still laughing at the Palmer girls. ;) hahah! Fun!

  3. Love your costumes--you got the eyebrows perfectly--and love the Robert Palmer girls!

  4. love your costume! i can't wait to see new pictures. i'm still debating on what to dress up for halloween...


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