Monday, September 13, 2010

A Hint of Leopard

Alessandra Ambrosio for Vogue Nippon via fashiongonerogue

As Leopard print is this Fall season, I have never really been one to pull off the
 leopard print, unless it is in small doses, such as a pair of shoes or a purse. 

leopard shoes via hillbillyfilly

upcycled hat via HoneyCombBridal

scarf via thedustpeddler

Leopard shoe clips via modcloth

**Shoe clips! How I love thee! I don't they make as many shoe clips as before since they aren't as popular. 
But I really don't see why not? I mean you can put these cute clips on any solid color shoe and make it look like a new pair instead of going out and buying a new shoe.**

On Friday a friend and I were discussing how neither she, nor I can pull of the leopard print look, such as dresses or blouses.
 Do you like leopard print and can you pull off the look?
If you can pull it off, I'm a bit jealous.


  1. No, I cannot pull off animal print. There is something strange about it. Some people love it, but I am afraid to say that I have no plans to wear it.
    Love the shoe clips what a brilliant idea!!!.
    Besos guapa mía!!!

  2. I can't pull it off either! I feel so awkward in it! Doesn't stop me from wanting a leopard print coat, ala Anne Bancroft in The Graduate, though!

  3. i'm with you...prefer in small doses, but these prints always look so good in editorials though! those shoe clips are so cute!

  4. uh, Vanessa, I think you can totally rock the leopard print!


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