Thursday, September 9, 2010

DIY: change of buttons

So I was reading in GLAMOUR's September issue the other day
on how you can change up your fall look without spending to much on your wardrobe.
Let's take a blazer or jacket for example...they suggested to change the buttons.
What a fab idea!
Change the buttons or even button covers work great!

I'm not sure they make button covers anymore, but I found these last week while thrifting!
I only spent $2.50 and now all I have to do is slip these beauties over my buttons.

The perfect look for the fall season.

Can you imagine how your blazer would look with a small simple change like the buttons above!
Navy Blazer from seesong

Even if you just sew some new button's on, no major cash spent on a new jacket,
now maybe you can spend them on some new shoes!


  1. Simple and brilliant idea. Eres una genia!!!!!

  2. how adorable!! you are so talented :)


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