Tuesday, September 14, 2010

California Dreamin'

I love this classic song by 
The Mama's and The Papa's

I'll be in San Francisco the first weekend in October.

I've never been and I am super excited! 
The weather, the food the shopping and the people, can't wait!
Any suggestions on places for good eats, sights to see and thrifting?


  1. Ohhhhhh my God, that's so exciting! I love San Francisco and the whole Bay Area! For thrifting and vintage shopping, Haight Ashbury, definitely. It can be a little touristy, but it's still fun. Some of the shops get a little pricey, but even those are amazing to look through, and there's a sweet Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange and another resale shop called Wasteland that are pretty decent. I hear the Mint has good karaoke, if you're into it. :D If you go to Berkeley, there are a couple of places on Telegraph Hill, too. I can't wait to see pictures! :D

  2. agree with jenni, haight & ashbury is worth checking out for shopping...not your typically boutique or dept stores, but a lot of great vintage stores and funky shops. SF is known for its amazing restaurants...it'll be pretty easy to eat well :) check out yelp reviews to narrow down your choices


  3. Heck yes, SF!! My favorite city...you've already gotten some shopping suggestions (which I third!) so I'll suggest some food spots. For breakfast, there's a great place called Eats on 50 Clement St.; Gestalt Haus on 16th St. in the Mission has awesome vegan sausages and beer (and there's also a vintage shop nearby called Idol Vintage). If you're into bars, Buckshot on Geary is awesome - great food, strong drinks, and skeeball!

  4. I wish I could go with yo thrift hunting. You lucky girl!!

  5. thrift!!!must be the heat!!! yes sitll hot, 35ºc

  6. yay! thanks ladies...I will put these all on my list :)
    sooo excited!


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