Monday, August 9, 2010

Rome Vacation in a few pics

Our first sight was The soon as we stepped off the tube.

Pretty amazing...there were ruins everywhere.

We visited Giolitti for some I discovered on Passport Glamour's blog, that this was
the place to go for the best gelato.
Also Audrey Hepburn filmed a scene inside of Giolitti for The Roman Holiday.

There was a line, but totally worth it.

Pistachio, melon and nicochi (nut) flavored gelato. YUMMM.

We made a wish at theTrevi Fountain.

Stopped near the Spanish Steps.

The Vatican City on an early Sunday morning.

Inside the Vatican. My suggestion if you decide to visit, to avoid lines go early in the morning.
We did and had no problem with lines and even got to attend Sunday Mass.

Our view from our seats during Sunday Mass.

In front of The Vatican before catching our next flight out.

We visited Rome for a day and a half. We saw most of the major sites in that time.
It was hot and I would love to do it again, but maybe when it's a bit cooler.
Europe was having a heat wave while we were vacationing.

Ciao Roma! Leaving Rome and the next stop is Santorini, Greece.
I hope to have those pictures up soon.


  1. you are such a lucky traveling girl! I'm in total envy mode right now. ;) Gorgeous pics!

  2. You are becooming a world travler. Such beautiful pictures.

  3. I have to visit Rome one of this days, hopefully not in summer, too hot.
    I am soooooo glad that you loved it.


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