Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Movie Flashback to the 80's - Overboard

So I was flipping through the T.V. last week and came across the
 Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel movie

Let me just say....SEQUIN and OVER THE TOP OUTFIT 80's Love!
Goldie Hawn's character had some amazing sequin pieces throughout the beginning of the movie
and some snip-its through out.
 Minus the scenes where she is wearing clothes that is way to big for her.
If you haven't watched the movie or ever heard of it, watch it.
Not the best movie, but I loved watching the outfits, it took me back to my childhood memories.

Military Chic gold tassel bold shoulders.
This was actually a nude back swimsuit, zebra print on front.
pictures via google images

What are some of your favorite outrageous 80s looks?
I loved the sequin dresses, big shoulder pads, stiletto heels, big frizzy hair and bright make up!
I remember watching my mom get ready and how fun it looked to dress up and put on your make up.


  1. Nothinh like the barroque and free glittering 80s. I love them...And I think every year there is a hint from designers to bring them back in a mild way. yeah!!!.
    Espero tu outfit in my email, don´t forget!!!

  2. 80s fashion is so glam! With all the sequins, glitter, sparkles... I love it! It's going to be fall soon and I will be able to wear my 80s sweaters again! You just have to love how loud they are! :)

  3. I love the 80's all the excess and glitter. I was just watching a few episodes of Dynasty the other day and loved all of Joan Collins' glammed out with the jewels and hats. LOVE IT - and I love the movie Overboard I have to stop and watch it everytime I see it!

    Great post!!



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