Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So here is a group picture of me and my other crazy Lady Gaga friends!
This was for the concert last Monday.
I'm the one in the back by the window with the gold bra.

Photo by: Jeremy Kea

Let me just say that her concert was pretty AMAZING!
And if your not a fan, I still highly recommend going to see her show.
She is a great entertainer and speaks alot during the show about her support for the
LGBT Community, Keeping Strong Family Ties and her little monter's(fans).

On another note....
For any of you ladies that live in the U.S. that are interested,
Teresa over at Old School Cool is doing a Package Exchange Program.
Kind of like a pen pal, but with a fun package to open.
For more info go over to her blog to sign up here. Sign up is till August 15th.
 I did!
Should be fun!


  1. WOW!!! love the Gaga dress up - it looks so real, magazine chic!!!


  2. Love anybody or anything that is different!!! So I would love to See a show of Laday Gaga. The outfits wow!!!

  3. Nice!!! thanks for the comment.. want you follow me back?


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