Saturday, August 14, 2010

Atlantis Books in Santorini

Atlantis Books was one of our stops in Santorini, Greece, located in Oia (the O is silent).
They were very friendly and we kind enough to let us take pictures.
We even bought a book.
This picture is just a tease of the rest of the Greece pictures I will have up this week.

I love the old trunk with books in it.

As you walk in, all you see and smell are books!

Great idea- A themed bundle! 

The domed ceiling as you walk in.

More books!

There was a bed in one of the top corners. 
How cool would that be to live, work and breathe books. I mean if that's a passion of your, why not.
p.s. I love the way old books smell, I know I'm weird.

I am currently reading The Graveyard, by the same author who wrote the book Coraline, which they made into a movie. My husband finished and handed it over and it's fantastic.
I don't read to often, maybe it's because I can never really find a good book...
anything good you might be reading or can suggest?


  1. don't you just love Greece! most beautiful places to be..the ocean, the food, the music, the people..

    Santorini, most romantic..have a wonderful stay!

    Efharisto! ;)

  2. I know what you mean. Today, I have bought an old German fashion magazine from 1955. And the smell is history´I shall show you eventually.
    Love your pics, great as ever my dear friend.

  3. Estoy esperando ansiosa tu envio con tus propuestas: otoño mix & match.
    Un beso grande.

  4. Hola guapa, manda tu outfit a mi email:
    Looking forward to seeing it.

  5. what an amazing shop! thanks for sharing it with me, I'm now foloowing your lovely blog :) xx


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