Friday, July 23, 2010


This was a church outside the Prado Museum which we visited.
But then jet lag kicked in and we had headed back to the hotel for a 3 hour nap.

This was an exhibit about women being sold into sex slavery, it was very eye opening and sad.
On each mannequin's arm there was an age, name, and home country of some woman who had died.
This was located in front of the Botanical Garden's.

So as we were shopping we ran into the Biggest Pride Parade in Europe. It was sooo much fun!
Dancing in the streets, along with some cocktails and some nice Spaniards.

This was a mojito! It's like a soup bowl!
This was the night when Spain won to be in the finals. Pretty exciting just to be around.

The next day I got to meet up with Anna from Passport Glamour.
 We chatted over coffee and then took a stroll. What a fascinating life Ms. Anna is living with her boyfriend in Madrid. There time in Madrid is almost up and I wouldn't want to leave it either. I will definitely be keeping in touch with this amazing young lady and wish her all the best always!

Anna and her boyfriend Joe, told us to walk down a bit further to check out the METROPOLIS.
What a fantastic building!

The Mister and I taking a quick photo op, before finding our way back to our hotel.

Spain is wonderful!
Life there can be go go go, but then they have there siestas, tapas, and it all evens out.
How nice to have a siesta time, when shops close and you have time to relax.
 America should pick this up, maybe we'd look forward to going to work more, just saying! ;)

So just to let you know, my husband only allowed me to pack one carry on suitcase and one extra bag.
WHAT!?!!! I was like there is no way in ... not for 2 weeks!
I don't know how I did it but I did, and I actually didn't wear all the clothes I bought.
Mostly because I was on the beach 75% of the time so it was just swim suits and swim cover ups.
I'm used to packing a huge suitcase and one carry on, but times are changing!
Shoes usually take up most of your suitcase, so I packed 3 sandals and 1 pair of heels. I even had space to buy some heels while I was in Madrid to bring home.
 Also as many flights as we took the one carry on is all I really needed.
So I'm can officially say I'm an expert at packing for vacation. Do you usually over pack when going on vacation?


  1. LUCKY!!!!!!!! That mojito looks sooo delicious right now. I would love to visit Spain someday, it is honestly on my top 3 places. *maybe just got bumped up to #1 or 2* ;)

  2. OMG - I am now officially jealous!!! These are amazing photos and you seemed like you had a blast - those MOJITOS were like humungus!!!

    Have a great weekend and glad you're back!!


  3. Great fotos. I am sooooooooo glad you liked Madrid. It is a mixture of cultures like any big city. Spaniards do work to live more than to become rich and famous...Or so it was.
    Glad to have you back
    Un abrazo fuerte corazón

  4. WOW, looks like you had a fabulous time. I'm saving my coins to visit someplace far away soon. :)

  5. thank you love! loved meeting you and hope to do it again soon. keep in touch! xoxo


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