Thursday, June 3, 2010

Uncommon Objects

While in Austin, I did some thrift shopping and also stopped in Uncommon Objects off SoCo (South Congress Ave.) my husband took some pics. If your find yourself in Austin, be sure to visit.
Reads: Please resist the urge to touch the cheese!


  1. I do love thrift shops, you never know what you can find.
    Son como regalos de cumpleaños por abrir. ¿Vas a Good Will alguna vez?- Siempre tienen ropa interesante en cantidades masivas. Y las tiendas pequeñas también me encantan.
    Un abrazo y gracias por compartir estas preciosas fotos.

  2. @Sacramento...voy a Goodwill y Salvation Army, but there are others like Value Village and Sand Dollar that have cheaper prices. I love to thrift shop. I think I'm in thrift stores more than regular department stores.

  3. omg, i LOVE value village! great pics by the way...has he ever taken formal photography classes?

  4. fabulous pics husband! I LOVE that this is from Austin~that is where I live! Come back so we can thrift shop together!

  5. @Nancy...yes he took photography in college :)

    @Jessica...YES PLEASE! I would love that. We only made it to 2 thrift stores but I got some good stuff.

  6. Little shops like these always grab my interest in downtown areas. There just so full of odd treasures old and new, you can't help but want to look.


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