Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This ones for the Boys

So I was a bit inspired to do a post about -The Boys.
Or should I say men?...hmmmm.
Well these are a few vintage pieces I found on etsy that would be great for any gentleman's wardrobe this summer.
Great for hot summer days, nice dinners out, or while traveling.

Navy shirt found at Bigbrothervintage

peach tee found at PranceAndSwagger

Vtg Izod Stripe found rockinrubysvintage

Heat Wave Tee found at heightofvintage

Plaid shorts found redheadedvintage

Fedora found at mysweetiepiepie

boat shoes found ajpaul

belts found at VintageArmyNavy

Neat vintage watches found FreddyFabulon

glasses found at thepuddingstorevint

The watches really caught my eye. They are up-cycled, he used vintage watch faces and added new colorful wrist bands. A great piece for a pop of color.


  1. I am loving the belts, Tees and sunglasses!! I have to get a few pieces for Mr. X - he should be here soon...


  2. @ Kiki-I know..I need to snatch up a vintage Tee for the Mister too.

  3. Love the hat and the watches for myself, never mind the boyssssssssssssssss. je, je
    Qué mala!!!
    Un abrazo

  4. Prance and Swagger find the best shirts I swear. I love Sagittarius!! I get along with them sooo well...this explains our chemistry ;)

  5. wonderful! love love those boat shoes! gonna get myself the girly ones! hehe


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