Monday, June 28, 2010

On My Mind

Photos via fashiongonerogue for NY Times Style 2009

I leave Friday for 2 weeks of vacation and that's all I can think about right now!
Madrid, Ibiza, Rome and Santorini.
The beautiful photos above were taken on the Greek Island of Patmos, and I will be traveling to the Greek Island of Santorini as one of my stops.

I am thrilled to be visiting Santorini!!! I hear the island is beautiful, the food is amazing and most of my pictures will look like the photos above (or so I hope).


  1. Vanessa, i am officially jealous...take lots of photos and bring back a little bit of yourtrip with you... That's rather exciting..


  2. Do have a super time everywhere.Have plenty TAPAS in Madrid. And take millio of photos ok???
    Un abrzo fuerte y feliz viaje guapa mía!!!

  3. Such a lovely place! You're so lucky! You must take like a gazillion photos! :)

  4. i'm sooooo envious! hope you have a fabulous time :D

  5. you will love santorini! i vacationed there last was gorgeous! you will love Madrid as well :) hope to see you!!

    Anna Katrina


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