Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dolores Del Rio

Dolores Del Rio pics via Google

My etsy picks for Dolores Del Rio Inspirations

set found here baublesbeads

Black Glass Bead via RamonasCluter

White Dress via VivaLaVintageShoppe

Dolores Del Rio, SO GLAM, 1940 OLD HOLLYWOOD! I LOVE.

Oh and My ETSY review on a purchase.
So I recently bought this very cool, striped shirt for my husband. I sell on etsy and buy on etsy, good way to support etsians. So my package arrives and it is fantastic! I'm not talking about the shirt, the shirt was great, but the PACKAGING! Outstanding!
Great customer service and no one takes the time now a days to do something like that. I don't even want to throw the envelope away!!! So if you have time checkout this etsy seller ToatsMcgoats and read his profile!
 I think this dude is about 18, and what a great start on his business. And I hope maybe one day we can meet, since he lives a few hours away and go on a thrifting adventure.


  1. love love that old school classic glam! "the jazz-singer movie" was just on today! amazing!

  2. I do love the white dress. It would be beautiful with the earrings an bracelet.
    beautiful post, as ever amiga.
    Eres un sol grande!!!
    He decidido escribir también en inglés en mi blog para mantenerlo más internacional y además mantener mi inglés escrito al día.
    Yo compro y vendo en Ebay, por hobby, no sé si te lo dije.
    Un abrazo

  3. Muchas Gracias for your comment on my latest photo :)..Such a great post you have here, Dolores del Rio is so elegant! :)

  4. those pictures are gorgeouss!

    Anna Katrina

  5. I just love her - she is classic and her beauty is amazing!!! Great picks for her by the way!!



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