Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blackberry Pie

On our road trip back from Austin this weekend, my husband Hugo stopped on the side of the road in Chappell hill,TX to buy some fresh black berries.
The bag was pretty big so I decided to make a blackberry pie last night.

For the recipe go here.

I didn't have a 9 inch pie pan, I only had a 8 1/2, but that worked just fine.
It turned out delicious! Sweet but still tasted the tart of the black berry.
Topped it off with vanilla bean ice cream. YUUUUUMMMMM-O!
I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!!! What are some of your favorite summer sweets?

Oh and here is a picture I snapped of Hugo buying the berries on the side of the road.
(both pics were taken with my cell phone, sorry its a bit blurry)


  1. How delightful! A roadside berry stand! And that pie looks delicious.

  2. Ay mi linda Vanessa, Fancy you having a book on Ida Lupino, such small world...
    I have not sweet tooth what so ever, but adore bread. Bread I can eat, and eat.he, he.
    At the moment I am trying to lose 6 kilos 12 pound so I.ll go for the water melon.
    Un abrazo fuerte


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