Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Vegas Trip in pics

A few pictures from when I visited Vegas at the beginning of the month.
I have to say, I was correct, the Neon Museum was my favorite part of the trip.
So if you ever go to Vegas I highly recommened it. The tour is outside and its about an hour and you get history on some of the signs. It's a bit further up from the strip, but catch a cab and bring your camera, you won't regret it.

These are photos from our first night there when we visited downtown Las Vegas and some in The Bellagio hotel.
For more on my trip to Vegas, read about the Neon Museum and my thrifting adventure.


  1. Not my place. I have been 3 times to the States: twice to South and North carolina, we have friends there; and New york.
    Es otro mundo comparado con Europa. Allí todo es grande, desde el vaso de coca cola, los coches, carreteras tiendas.I loved it every time. Could I live there? I do not know. I am used to small things.
    Pretty post

  2. @mispapelicos...yo no puedo vivir en vegas.
    It's nice to visit, thats it, well at least for me. Next time I'd want to go to the red mountains and stay at a spa.

  3. The pictures are great. I really like the ones I am guessing are from the neon museum. The busted up old signs are just begging for an impromptu photo shoot.

  4. Vanesa, puedes recomendar mi blog a otras perdonas que hablen español??No sé, se me ocurrió esta mañana al levantarme. Cuando uno escribe,le gusta que le llegue a todo el mundo.
    Un abrazo fuerte


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