Monday, May 3, 2010

Death by Thrift

I returned last night from a great trip to Las Vegas. Now I need to rest the next week, so exhausted.

Las Vegas has some very interesting characters and let’s just say you do not have to be on “The Strip”, drinking or gambling to have a memorable time.

**Please be aware that some of the context in the next paragraphs may be a bit explicit.
Saturday morning after breakfast we decided to head out to a thrift store near downtown, the north part of the Las Vegas Strip. Our cab driver was really nice, actually most of them there are. He advised us not to go down Main Street as there are no cameras on any part of the street. He even told us he wouldn’t walk down Main St. in broad daylight. So he drops us off at “The Pawn Shop”, (not sure if you’ve seen the show The Pawn Stars on the history channel), we walked in looked around and came out with an art deco style ring, I love it.

So after leaving the pawn shop, we decide to head out on our thrifting adventure, so we walk about a block and half toward Main St., but our walk was a little discouraging as there was some rough looking people hanging out on the corner and then a guy on a bike came up to us and asked us for money. After we kindly told him we don’t carry cash, my husband and I both looked at each other and decided not to go towards Main St. We turn back around and head south where there is another thrift store.

As we are standing at the cross walk to cross, this guy who looks a little rough around the edges, stands next to my husband and says to the both of us “I CAN’T get away with murder”, then repeats it again and finally the light turns green and we cross as fast as we can. I was like did he just say that, really?!!
OH MY.....WOW! hahahahahahahaha. Although it was a bit scary, it was sort of funny at the same time.
I was like now I know how I am going to die; I am going to die thrifting.
The death of me will be by thrift.

I’ve never encountered something like that, well besides when I was in NYC a few weeks ago and some random guy in Central Park came and hissed in my face as we were walking.

After my thrift shopping at the Las Vegas Savers, we tried to call a cab but the cab drivers wouldn’t go to that part of town.

As we walk back to the corner we walked into the Walgreen’s and a guy outside yells to us
“I want to have sex with you two”.
I was like ---Seriously? Do I have random comment day written across my forehead…what is up with all these outrageous comments!

Let’s just say that my Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas was very memorable and suggest that if you ever go to Vegas on a thrifting adventure, do not go alone and you may want to rent a car instead of walking.
Don't get me wrong, there are some pretty rough thrift stores that are located in Texas, but my trip to Vegas this Saturday afternoon was something crazzzzy and I will never forget it! Oh and ontop of that all the cat calls I got, while walking next to my husband. Mind you, I am not wearing anything revealing or skimpy, it was pretty weird.

On another note, the Antroplogie May catalog issue is inspiring.
Makes me want to go to India now and I adore this Daisy Lace Caftan, what a great piece for summer.

catalog and images here

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  1. ha, sound like a really crazed out day! glad you weren't alone, wow!

    love Anthro by way, a lot, too, hehe!

    check out my first Giveaway if you haven't already!

    lovely greets!

  2. oh, tons of crazy-scary people around here as well, but no wonder in a big city like that, i guess! hehe

  3. I literally laughed out loud at your "do i have a random comment"! scary, but i can also see the funny part to it. I'm glad H was with you! I have to say, you've inspired me to go thrift shopping in different cities though. I did go once in Sunnyvale where I bought a tapestry purse (which sold pretty much immediately on Etsy!)

    Anywho, great story!


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