Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Maybe I'm late, but has anyone else seen this magazine BOHO?
I was at Border's lastnight, while my husband was on a hunt for a book and came across this in the magazine section.
It's GREEN, charming and whimsical.
 How wonderful! It's about time, someone put out a GREEN Magazine.
Kudos to BOHO!

There "bonjour Paris"spread, is oh lala!

I typically go for Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, Nylon and all the typical fashion magazines, but it's nice to change it up once in awhile.
What are you faves? Or do you have any different, neat magazine suggestions?


  1. that so cute! i think i saw some pics somewhere around the net! but who can get enough from wonderful images like that, right! ;)

  2. i have never seen Boho magazine anywhere but now I really want a copy! Do you think I could get it in Spain?

    Anna Katrina

  3. @ Some Style, I could look at stuff like this all day.

    @ AnnaKatrina, yes it looks like the website says it available in Spain. Maybe a bookstore with a big magazine rack :)

  4. I always go for Vogue. I found Vogue españa much better, if I may say so, than English, French or German Vogue.
    I try other magazines, but I always end up with the number one for me VOGUE.
    I love this french one though Vanessa.
    Hasta luego!!!!

  5. @ Sacramento, I don't can never go wrong with anything from Espana! Voy para Ibiza en julio y es posible Madrid...aver que pasa.

  6. I love everything about magazines so it's fun to learn about a new one. I always read Vogue and Vanity Fair.


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