Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Leaving tomorrow night for Vegas and I'm pretty excited!
Haven't been in about 6 years and I know it's changed a bit.
My husband is coming, and it is our first time in Vegas together as well, so I'm looking forward to it.
I wanted to layout by the pool and catch some rays, but seems the weather may still be a bit chilly, I hope that changes.
I made reservations to go visit the Boneyard aka the Neon Museum.
I did some research and found out this is a really cool spot to check out.
 I think I will be in heaven for 2 hours, gawking at these vintage massive Las Vegas neon signs from back in there hay day, right up my alley.
I'm sure I'll do some gambling, although I'm not a big gambler at all.

And is it just me...but do any of you like to check out thrift stores when your in other cities?
 I do and my husband think's I'm weird! haha...on our honeymoon we went to Hawaii and I stopped at two thrift stores,but hey I left with some awesome things I kept for myself.
Hmmmm, maybe I'll decide to stop by one in Vegas.

I'll post some pics from our trip next week when I return.


  1. I hate you!!! That sounds fun!! Yall have fun!!

  2. before i even read the bit about thrifting i was thinking that there are probably some badass thrift stores in vegas!! check it out and pleeeeeease show me your finds! have fun love!


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