Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Interweb Window Shopping

Shoes and Necklaces! Yes Please!
Is there a term for window shopping online, I'm sure there is but I just am not familiar with it.
So if you know, please advise me or we can come up with one!

I bought an amazing necklace this weekend, its vintage of course.
I am in love with it and want to wear it with everything. Haha!
Last year as I was shopping for my wedding earrings, I came across it and thought to myself this is so original, no one else has this necklace. So when we returned to the antique shop Saturday it was still there, meant to be-I think so!
It's tribal/global inspired, its a long gold chain and has coral colored beads with small fish hanging from it....soooo cute.

This past week I was also on a hunt for some wedges or sandals, but no luck. I feel like everything looks the same. I was trying to find something different.
When I come across amazing vintage shoes, I want to buy them even if they aren’t my size, just because they are unlike everything out there.
Oh well, the search continues.

I’ll be leaving to New York this coming Thursday, I'm sure I will be inspired and find all kinds of amazing treasures.

Check out these shoes and great statement necklaces that would be great for spring or summer.

both shoes found here

bluejean wedge found here
yellow peeptoes found here
amazing necklace found here
kelly green necklace found here

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  1. i've also been on the hunt for wedges without any luck :(


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