Monday, April 19, 2010

Mellow Yellow

Hola. I have returned from New York, it was a bit cold and rainy.
Ate a lot of good food. Shopped waaaay to much. Walked lots. Soaked up some inspiration.
We walked Central Park Sunday since the sun made an appearance for awhile, but still a bit cold.

Thank goodness I took my black leather bomber jacket and purchased a soft color yellow scarf as I was out there,it seemed to get colder as the day went by.
Amazing what a hint of yellow can do to your wardrobe.
Everyone was pretty much wearing black coats, once in awhile you would see color.
I came across a lady wearing a yellow trench coat, she stood out, it was nice to see a pop of color.
Unfortunately I can not wear all yellow or yellow all the time, I'm pale- I need a tan!
So hurry up summer so I can get some sun!

A Hint of Yellow or even ALL Yellow-inspired by New York

p.s. I love my husband for the last minute travel plans to visit NYC.

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  1. i have a goldenrod yellow scarf but you've totally made me want a canary yellow scarf!


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