Thursday, April 22, 2010

American Apparel & Street Style London

Street Style London is trying to change the way people view advertising, pretty neat I think.
So here's to paying it forward. Read more here about Street Style London.
When I was in New York this past week, I saw a lady walking down the street with some similiar to these below, the model Emily from London is wearing American Apparel's Riding pants.

Also Happy Earth Day! I hope you all really do recycle. I started recycling about 2 years ago and you can actually see the difference in your trash bag. Half of what we consume comes in plastic or paper. If you rinse out the milk jugs, save the cardboard from the cereal box you just finished, the bottle of wine you just polished off and place all those in a recycling bin, your trash bag will be half empty, I promise.
A new way to look at recycling wine bottles, these wine tumblers are cool!
recycled wine tumblers here

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  1. Hi, Vanessa, thank you so much for doing this! Of course, if we can get this going for real, this will be a whole different thing. But the fact that you actually posted it: that's what separates the boys from the men ; )

    It looks like a lovely blog - I'm following you - will be back. jCx


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